Machupicchu Exploration

Thing to do in Machu Picchu

MachuPicchu exploration recommends you to explore the city of the Incas with a local guide to be able to tour all the most important temples and take a beautiful experience of our Andean culture. We also recommend booking the entrance of Machu Picchu in advance and see the circuits that Machu Picchu has.

Circuit 1

It is the visit of the entire city of Machu Picchu starting from the highest part known as the guardian’s house on this circuit you can explore an approximately three hours we recommend doing it with a local guide like us MachuPicchu exploration.

Circuit 2

You have the opportunity to climb the mountain of Huayna Picchu enjoy a walk of 2 hours to 3 hours of up and down the route is very steep recommended for people who like to take walks and then enjoy Machu Picchu the part of the religious and astronomical temples.

Circuit 3

With this entrance you can take the hike to the mountain of Machu Picchu which is a walk of approximately 5 hours of round trip it is recommended to have a good physical condition the stairs are very steep and on the way you will have a beautiful view of the entire sacred valley and the city of Machu Picchu you also have the option to explore the city of Machu Picchu after your adventure on the mountain.

Circuit 4

It is called the Huchuy Picchu mountain it is a short hike to reach the top it is 30 minutes uphill it has a view of the city of Machu Picchu and the sacred valley Machu Picchu exploration recommends you to do these circuits with a local guide we will help you have a better adventure and recommend that you have to make reservations in advance.

These are the things you can see and do in Machu Picchu, remember that these circuits are the only ones allowed and you can buy tickets to Machu Picchu according to the places you want to visit.

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